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Community Built on Central Oregon Forest Provenance

At Caldera Springs, one of the core philosophies guiding our community is maintaining solitude, woven among the Ponderosa Pine.

We love this place because we appreciate the setting – wild, natural, and serene at its heart. From the very beginning, we set out to carefully carve our community with minimal ecological intervention, keeping our primary focus on preserving the forest and the many species of wildlife who call it home for generations to come.

Photo courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory

We believe in fostering a harmony with our forested surroundings.

From the gentle birdsong wafting through the trees to the scent of pine needles scattered on the trail, nature finds its way into the smells, sounds, and scenes all around Caldera Springs.

Developing a rhythm with nature that feels as thoughtful as it is beautiful. It’s one reason we’ve protected 220 acres of woodlands encircling our community. This Wildlife Forest Preserve will remain indefinitely untouched, enabling miles of old-growth pines to grow uninhibited and elk, deer and mountain wildlife to roam as freely as they wish. In fact, our development was aligned with wildlife migration patterns, ensuring our four-legged friends can safely traverse our terrain.

Caldera Springs’ mission is to protect the story nature is already telling.

The Caldera rock outcrops left behind by our once active volcanoes have become a visual cornerstone in many of our new homesites. Our trails and streams weave around these formations in a way that complements the land – reminders that our environment is revered and respected at every turn.