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A Peek Inside the New Forestbrook Model Home

Published on June 14, 2023

Forestbrook at Caldera Springs unveils both a new era of vacation home ownership and a new way to stay at Sunriver Resort. Nestled within the breathtaking forested community of Caldera Springs, these meticulously designed homes offer the unique opportunity to own your own vacation home, with the added flexibility to rent it through Sunriver Resort, or simply enjoy staying in one of the Forestbrook homes as a guest. And now, with the new 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom designer model home unveiled, you can experience firsthand the captivating design that makes Forestbrook the perfect Sunriver retreat for families.

“For this model home, it was all about layering important elements for the furnishings, accessories and rugs – metals, woods, stone, and soft colors — to give the guests and homeowners a relaxed feeling while in the home.” – Whitney Edman, Co-Owner of 110 Bungalow

Step inside and discover a striking retreat featuring interiors by acclaimed designer Amy Troute and beautiful furnishings – including furniture, rugs, accessories, and more – hand-selected by the brilliant team at 110 Bungalow. Every element of the design reflects an intimate understanding of how the spaces will be inhabited, while simultaneously honoring the surrounding natural environment and its breathtaking views.

Featuring “The Classic” interior design package, this home integrates inviting touches and organic elements that harmonize with the Caldera Springs lifestyle and provide unparalleled comfort. From stained wood flooring and cabinetry to textured surfaces and timeless finishes, the design masterfully integrates nature with timeless elegance. The textures and colors, including deep spruce and stone exterior paint and textured fireplace facades, mimic those found in the majestic Ponderosa pines and warm, red soil of Central Oregon’s landscape.

“While Central Oregon offers countless reasons to be outdoors, our designs provide every reason to stay in.” – Amy Troute

At Caldera Springs, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience takes precedence. Thoughtfully planned furniture layouts and space utilization cater to diverse needs while maximizing the breathtaking views. Outdoor furniture and durable, stylish materials ensure homeowners or guests can savor the comforts of indoor living while immersing themselves in the surrounding natural beauty.

The abode effortlessly combines functionality with allure, as each carefully chosen piece of furniture and decor from 110 Bungalow adds an elegant touch without compromising the welcoming atmosphere. With a strong emphasis on comfort and connection, each space offers an opportunity to relax and reconvene with loved ones, whether inside watching a movie or outside enjoying an evening around the firepit.

With 2- to 4-bedroom homes plus studio residences available, Forestbrook expands the many ways to stay at Sunriver Resort, alongside more than 300 vacation homes and condominiums and 245 River Lodge and Lodge Village resort rooms. With its initial phase nearly sold out, the collection has just released its newest phase featuring the highly anticipated Aspen floor plan – the largest layout yet.


Pictured Left to Right: Whitney & Beth Edman, Co-Owners of 110 Bungalow; Amy Troute of Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design

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