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Neighborhood Updates From Caldera Springs

Published on December 2, 2022

As we near the end of 2022, we’re excited to share an array of construction updates throughout the neighborhood. From the modern vacation homes now underway at Forestbrook to the new-and-improved pathways in and around Mirror Rock, here’s the latest at Caldera Springs.

Forestbrook Vacation Homes

Construction on Forestbrook’s first 11 vacation homes is in full swing! Sheetrock and interior painting are now underway, with exterior siding to begin soon. We anticipate completion of the first homes in February/March of 2023, with more new homes slated for construction in early 2023.

Forest House

Groundbreaking on Caldera Springs’ highly anticipated Forest House began in early October with site excavation and rough grading. Perimeter footings and the mechanical pit were poured in November, and the facility’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing work (including slap piping) are now currently underway. The aquatics and fitness facility is slated for competition in Summer 2024.


Mirror Rock

All utilities and roadways were completed in late summer at Mirror Rock. In October, native grasses were hydroseeded to help with ground restoration along most roadside shoulders and in the open spaces around the lake and streams, in addition to completing the paved pathways around Mirror Rock Park and Mirror Lake. Signage has now been installed and the gates for our contractor/owner entrance will be completed in early December.


Preservation Homesites

Utility work began in August at our Preservation Homesites and Caldera Springs’ contractor is now finishing the installation of all sewer lines to the homesites. Water line construction will begin this winter (weather dependent), and all utility work and new roadways are scheduled for completion in Spring 2023.


Lake & Stream Irrigation

The expanded community lake and stream system — including Mirror Lake, Lava Springs Lake and the connecting streams/waterfalls — was completed in September. The lake system will soon be tested and winterized for the season. In Spring 2023, the lakes and streams will be in full-flow for their first season of enjoyment.

This has been a busy year at Caldera Springs and we look forward to sharing additional updates as they come in. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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