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Wild & Free: A Look at Caldera Springs’ Diligent Preservation Efforts

Published on October 13, 2022

With 1,000 pristine acres of forests, lakes, streams and trails, including 220 forever-protected acres of preservation land, Caldera Springs is an undeniable wilderness escape unlike anything else in the Pacific Northwest. And while providing a one-of-a-kind residential resort community is paramount to the Caldera Springs experience, none of it would be possible without our meticulous efforts to conserve this breathtaking land we call home. Explore what we’re doing behind the scenes to ensure a natural and wild environment for generations to come.

Creating Harmony with Our Forested Surroundings

We fell in love with this land because of its sheer, natural beauty — wild, rugged and serene at its heart. From the very beginning, we set out to carefully carve our community with minimal ecological intervention, allowing us to integrate seamlessly with the existing habitat and its beautiful species. And in this process, we found it critical to protect the 220 acres that surround us. Known as the Wildlife Forest Preserve, this untouched land is home to miles of big pines where elk, deer and mountain wildlife have the freedom to dwell and roam. In fact, our development was aligned with wildlife migration patterns, ensuring our four-legged neighbors can safely traverse our terrain.

Nurturing a Home for Those Here Before Us

We have the absolute privilege of sharing the land with Central Oregon’s many magnificent species, and keeping these resident creatures both safe and comfortable starts with our Wildlife Forest Preserve. From the more common deer and elk to the lesser seen beavers and raccoons, this carefully preserved, forested paradise is teeming with critters. We even introduced additional lakes, streams and associated wetlands at Caldera Springs to create more habitat for the nearly endangered Oregon spotted frog. Residents are welcome to enjoy the sounds and sights of this ponderosa forest, and even have the opportunity to live alongside it thanks to our newly released Preservation homesites. In addition to our preservation efforts, we provide educational resources to our residents about how to share this high-desert ecosystem we all call home.

Managing the Environment with Responsibility & Care

Half a million years ago, the unique landscape of Central Oregon was created by thousands of volcanic eruptions. The 500-square-mile Newberry Volcano and its remaining 17-square-mile Caldera is one of the largest in the Cascades, and our aptly named development is located just along its western edge. While eruptions are long past, many natural elements from volcanic activity have shaped the ecosystem we know and love today. Now a tranquil enclave of Ponderosa, outcroppings of volcanic rock and local plants and wildlife, Caldera rests among a unique geography that we remain committed to preserving, particularly from large-scale disturbances like wildfires. While the Ponderosa pine is naturally resilient to low-intensity fire, we consistently engage in vegetation management treatment via the United States Forest Service to make sure we are proactively monitoring the forest’s health while reducing fire risk.

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