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Owner Spotlight: The Bittner Family on Living, Exploring & Growing at Caldera Springs

Published on May 4, 2023

While much of Caldera Springs’ magic lies in its beautifully designed homes, nature-steeped homesites and world-class amenities, there’s one not-so secret ingredient in the community’s success: the people. Here, passionate, like-minded families come together to live well, seek adventure and gather often — one being the lovely Bittner family. 

After visiting the Sunriver area for many years, Ninette and Robin Bittner purchased a cabin at Caldera Springs, but it wasn’t until they recently caught sight of homesite 403 that they decided to build their dream home by the lake. In our latest owner spotlight, we sat down with the Bittners to learn more about their experience at Caldera Springs, and why they encourage other families to “come explore, enjoy and be entranced,” just like they have been. 

It’s so nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little bit about your family and where you’re from?

Hi! We’re the Bittners — Ninette (Mom), Robin (Dad), and daughters Shelby and Katrina. We currently live in San Francisco, and our daughters live in Los Angeles. We both went to college in Washington so we are definitely fans of the great Pacific Northwest! 

What first brought you to Caldera Springs? 

While taking Katrina to college at Washington State a few years ago, we decided to take a couple days off and stay in Sunriver, which is almost exactly halfway between the San Francisco Bay Area and Pullman, Washington. We enjoyed Sunriver so much that it became an annual visit before we had the opportunity to purchase a place of our own. 

What seasons do you typically spend the most time here?

So far, summer is our favorite due to the great weather, wealth of activities and fun events like the Art Fair. We’ve also spent Christmas here (lots of snow fun!) and occasionally the bridge seasons of early autumn and late spring.

What type of property did you buy and what drew you to it?

For a couple of years, we stayed at a condo by the Village. When we saw a really nice Caldera Springs cabin come on the market, we were compelled to see what might be possible, and we’re extremely fortunate to have become its proud new owners. The story doesn’t end there, though. We relived the whole process again a few years later with Caldera Springs’ expansion, and a certain lot that caught our attention. We’re now in talks with several builders and architects to build our new home! 

Is this your primary or vacation home?

Right now, it’s our vacation home, but we would really like to give Caldera a chance to be our primary residence! 

How would you describe the setting to someone who has never seen it?

Imagine warm summer days and nights, the smell of pines, the whisper of the wind as you either sit on your patio or take a leisurely quiet walk along the lakes. If you prefer winter activities, those are less than 30 minutes away, and you can view the conditions on the mountain from Caldera before starting your short drive. In addition, whether summer or winter or in between, there are always a number of activities in the greater Sunriver community to engage in and enjoy.

What do you and your family enjoy most about Caldera Springs? How would you describe the community here? 

It seems like everyone is smiling and having a good time. Rarely is a cross word spoken, and then it’s usually from a golfer who missed an easy putt or a parent trying to slow down their kids who are having way too much fun. We’ve met such nice people, too, whether that’s out on the trail or someone in their backyard who calls out a friendly hello. We always look forward to coming to Caldera; it has this truly relaxing and refreshing aura that rejuvenates.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in Caldera Springs and the surrounding area?

The trails in Caldera Springs are a favorite for all of us, whether walking, biking or running. Pickleball and tennis are Ninette’s go-tos while Robin enjoys casting on the lakes and hitting the putting green. We all enjoy local activities like floating on the river, biking along the river or forest trails, or going jet-skiing or fishing in the summer on one of the local lakes. There’s still so much to explore, which is one of the reasons why we love it here so much.

 Looking ahead, what features of Caldera Springs’ expansion are you looking forward to experiencing?

The new pickleball courts, paths, water features, community gathering spots…and, of course, the new home we’re going to build! 

Any advice for families considering buying or building a home in Caldera Springs?

Don’t miss out!!! Come explore, enjoy and be entranced — just like we have been. 


To learn more about Caldera Springs or to arrange a tour, 541.593.3000 or email sales@calderasprings.com today.

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