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Which Caldera Springs Trail is For You?

Published on August 16, 2023

Caldera Springs is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a range of trails that showcase its natural beauty. Whether you’re a fan of shady forests, open expanses or relaxing water elements, we have the perfect trail for you. Plus, check out our new Discovery Points informative signs and let them be your trusted guide on a journey of discovery. Learn about our diverse wildlife, facts about our native flora and fauna and the rich history of the land. So put on those hiking shoes, breathe in the fresh air and let our trails reveal the Caldera Springs experience that speaks to you.

For the Nature Enthusiast: Wild Rye Loop

If you enjoy the sounds of rustling leaves and trickling streams, Wild Rye Loop is a match. This trail winds through forests, leading to open areas and serene waters. On this 1.73-mile trail, it’s all about the soothing melodies of nature.

For the Landscape Curious: Harper’s Perimeter Check

If you want a taste of everything Caldera Springs has to offer, Harper’s Perimeter Check is the way to go. This 4-mile trail circles the community, showcasing diverse landscapes from forests to lakes to meadows.

For the Seeker of Serenity: Ponderosa Springs Trail

Looking for a tranquil escape? The Ponderosa Springs Trail is your ticket to explore lakes, streams, and the natural haven that is Caldera Springs. Consider this 2.57-mile trail a chance to unwind and connect with nature.

For the Home Lover: Lupine Links Trail

If you’re intrigued by the blend of community and nature, the Lupine Links Trail is your go-to. Passing by homes and offering great views, this 2.18-mile trail is a balanced experience of both worlds.

For the Explorer: Wilderness Route

For adventurers seeking a deeper connection with nature, the Wilderness Route is a winner. This 1.96-mile trail takes you through the scenic community, letting you soak in the untouched beauty of the Wildlife Forest Preserve.

Be sure to check out our new Trail Map in the Lake House before you venture out.

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